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Empower launches campaign clarifying district cooling billing system among 16000 customers

October 27th, 2011

Emirates Central Cooling Corporation (Empower) has launched an awareness campaign on the billing of its services in an attempt to increase transparency and loyalty among its rapidly increasing 16000 customer base in Dubai.

Ahmed Bin Shafar, CEO, Empower, said: “We were the first district cooling (DC) company in the UAE to introduce metering in 2007. We value our customers and we believe educating the customer on our services and billing systems is the key to winning their loyalty.”

Whenever an Empower customer uses air-conditioning, the meter runs for every RT per hour. It is billed in arrears at the end of each month. On the other hand, there is the demand charge, which is a recurring annual fee, levied by Empower for providing District Cooling Service per annum, billed and paid quarterly in advance.

Bin Shafar emphasized that Empower bills its customers based on the actual metered consumption. The RT of the customer’s unit is pre-determined by the developer, depending on its unit area and premise type.

Forming part of the bill is the Meter Maintenance which is charged quarterly to cover the testing and maintenance of each meter installed in the apartment. It is billed in arrears in the last month of each quarter, while the connection charge is a one-off fee to be paid by the owner, which is different from the Refundable Security Deposit that is paid at the time of registration.

Bin Shafar said that like any other utilities, Empower charges are linked to the cost of inputs and general inflation index and are subject to revision, and, as such, tariffs are subject to change.

Bin Shafar added: “To save energy, customers must control their consumption by optimizing the setting of their thermostat or reducing cooling losses through their windows and doors.”

Bin Shafar added: “Empower's District Cooling system is underpinned by a skilled round-the-clock service team and a comprehensive set of emergency back-up systems that ensure complete reliability.”

District cooling is measured in refrigeration ton. Refrigeration Ton is the unit measure for the amount of heat removed. Refrigeration Ton is defined as the heat absorbed by one ton of ice (2000 pounds) causing it to melt completely by the end of one day (24 hours).

District cooling systems can replace any type of air conditioning system, but primarily compete with air-cooled reciprocating chiller systems serving large buildings which consume large amounts of electricity.

Bin Shafar added: “This air-conditioning system is subject to a difficult operating environment, including extreme heat, saline humidity and windborne sand. Over time, performance, efficiency and reliability suffer, leading to significant maintenance costs and ultimately to equipment replacement.”

The awareness campaign reflects the core values of Empower and it reinforces its position on the global front as an organization that delivers efficient service with transparent billing system.

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