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UAE and Empower signs Memorandum of Understanding

November 14th, 2013

HE Engineer Essa Al Maidoor, Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, and President of Society of Engineers - UAE, together with HE Ahmed Bin Shafar, CEO of Emirates Central Cooling Systems (Empower), today signs a Memorandum of Understanding between SOE and Empower which aims to exchange engineering and technical experiences, organize different events, conferences and seminars annually, and upgrade the engineering profession locally and globally.

According to Engr. Al Maidoor, “The UAE is one of the leading countries in the engineering sector and the use of best technology in the field of energy conservation. Through our constant quest to achieve excellence and leadership towards sustainable environment, the Society of Engineers – UAE plays a distinct role in keeping up with the massive development globally by rehabilitating the engineering expertise and profession through international level which will highlight the best engineering practices in an effort to achieve excellence worldwide.”

He also said: “One of the most important initiatives of Society of Engineers – UAE is creating several strategic partnerships with several technical and engineering institutions, government sectors and universities to become the networking hub globally for the transfer of expertise in all sectors and emphasizing the role of the SOE in supporting the sustainability initiatives of the UAE. The MOU will stress out the importance of transferring the expertise and experiences, and the use of the best sustainable technology in our country. SOE is organizing several training courses, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and awards in the field of sustainability, in an effort to raise awareness among all its partners in the government and private sectors and its citizens to adopt the concept of sustainability in their everyday life. SOE is also encouraging the engineering sector to adopt the concept of green buildings, sustainable transport, energy conservation and the use of renewable energy in all their projects. Society of Engineers – UAE believes that the importance of investing in the training and rehabilitation of engineers is one of the most important areas of sustainable development and towards building our future generations.”

HE Ahmed Bin Shafar said: “Signing MOU with the Society of Engineers (SOE) UAE is another golden feather on the hat of Empower. This strategic association will enhance Empower’s efforts towards technical innovation in District Cooling and related areas. The new bond between SOE, the largest and authentic body of engineers in the UAE, and Empower, will definitely contribute to technological advancements in the industry through knowledge-sharing and combined research. SOE’s rich resources and Empower’s expertise in executing technology together will explore further possibilities of cost-effective and quality living in the country.”
“Partnering with SOE officially is part of Empower’s long-term objective of introducing regulatory system in District Cooling in the UAE. Even though an official MOU has been signed between SOE and Empower just now, the association between the leaders of both the organisations has been in place for years. This is because; Empower has prioritised Research & Development in District Cooling to ensure continuous updation in technology as well as business. Being the first district cooling company in the UAE joining hands with SOE, Empower testifies itself as the forward-looking corporate of the country.”

At the end, Society of Engineers - UAE and the Emirates Central Cooling Systems (Empower) gave each other token of appreciation for their partnership in providing excellent services to the engineering sector in the UAE.

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