Empower organises fun day care for patients at Thalassemia Centre, Dubai

July 14th, 2015

CEO attends function to demonstrate support to young thalassemia patients

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER), the world’s largest district cooling services provider, organised a humanitarian entertainment event in collaboration with the Thalassemia Centre Dubai, an institution that provides care for patients with disorders of Hemoglobin, mainly Thalassemia, Sickle Cell and related diseases.

The event was attended by HE Ahmad Bin Shafar, Chief Executive Officer of Empower and other officials from the company who also engaged in interactive activities to show support to the kids.
The events featured clowns, face painting, caricaturist, games, art competitions, performances and balloon benders. At the end, the children were presented with gifts, courtesy the event sponsor, The Toy Store.

“On the heels of the collaboration with the Blood Donation Centre, we thought it would be great to extend our support to the Thalassemia Centre, Dubai,” said Bin Shafar. “People with thalassemia depend on routine blood transfusions, and we see such campaigns are crucial in helping young thalassemia patients. We believe private and government companies should conduct such campaigns more regularly to fight this disease.”

“Helping improving lives of thalassemia patients is a cause we have been committed to over the past years. We are proud that we are able to assist in helping these patients. Helping communities in Dubai is a strategy we have been deploying since the inception of Empower. This is the natural development of a local firm that has gone global, and we will continue to support the community that helped us reach our current status,” added Bin Shafar.

Empower has earlier organized its annual blood donation drive for 2015 on World Blood Donor Day. The initiative saw 197 donors taking part.  The purpose of the campaign was to help children who need blood transfusion and to support patients being treated for a range of serious ailments, including cancer, sickle cell anemia, severe burns, traumatic injuries and those undergoing surgery.

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