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Empower's transmission pipelines to cross 236 km in Dubai

March 22nd, 2017

Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER), the world’s largest district cooling services provider, keeps expanding its network of district cooling transmission pipelines, which has crossed236 Km by end of 2016.

The remarkable expansion of Empower’s network of district cooling transmission pipelines is the result of the ongoing growth in its business and projects in Dubai, following signing new contracts to provide cooling services, and starting new phases of the already existing projects.

In 2010, Empower catered to its need fortransmission pipelines by co-foundingELIPS, which manufactures pipes of high standards. Empower is always keen to keep on improving the quality of its pipes to guarantee better performance and efficiency in its district cooling services for all of Empower’s clients all over Dubai.
Empower uses in its transmission pipelines the latest technologies that guarantee delivering the best cooling service for its clients, also by maintaining the operational sustainability. In terms of quality, Empower’s transmission pipelines can keep operating for more than 50 years with full productivity. These pipelines are remarkably efficient, and they can keep providing the best district cooling servicesevenwhen the temperature goes extremely high especially during summerwhich helps delivering quality chilled water.At the same time, Empower always makes sure that the process of installing, operating and maintaining these pipelines is going smoothly and in an eco-friendly way.

The company aims to be more efficient by operating effective transmission pipelines, as part of the company’s efforts to reach the highest operational and sustainability standards.

“We, at Empower, are aware of the fact that the advanced infrastructure helps providing high quality cooling service, and we always invest in improving our transmission pipelines to keep our daily work-efficiency.The transmission pipes represent a vital part of Empower’s district cooling services aschilled water in cooling plants gets distributed through these pipes to the buildings. That’s why it’s imperative to have efficient pipes to guarantee the quality of our service,” said HE Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.

“Empower’s district cooling network covers key projects across Dubai, such as Dubai International Financial Centre, Business Bay, Dubai Healthcare City, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Palm Jumeirah, Discovery Gardens, Ibn Battuta, Dubai Production City, and Dubai Design District, Jumeirah Group, Jumeirah Beach Residence, among others,”addedH.E Bin Shafar.

“At Empower, ongoing development and serviceimprovement and research are always there to guarantee better service to our clients. The company’s strategy includes increasing the percentage of district cooling service compared with conventional services. We are keen to support the eco-friendly services which help preserving energy. Part of the research process is to improve the transmission pipes to go in line with the technological development the company is rapidly making, taking in to consideration that we think at Empower in strategic way and for decades to come. Our goal is to have next generations to enjoy our district cooling services. That’s why sustainability is an absolute priority for Empower,” concluded Bin Shafar.

Empower currently operates more than 1.25 Million RT, providing environmentally responsible district cooling services to large-scale real estate developments such as Jumeirah Group, Business Bay, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai International Financial Centre, Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Ibn Battuta Mall, Discovery Gardens, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai World trade Centre Residences, Dubai Design District, among others.

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