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Empower picks up two Gold Awards at 97th Annual IDEA Conference and Trade Show

June 19th, 2006

Emirates Central Cooling Corporation (Empower) collected two awards at the International District Energy Association's (IDEA) 97th Annual Conference and Trade Show, held June 11-14 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Each year IDEA recognizes district energy systems on their growth achievements both in terms of square footage of customers added and the number of buildings added to their system in a given calendar year. Empower picked up awards - the 'District Energy Space Gold Awards from Beyond North America' - in these two categories, acknowledging some of the Dubai-based provider's mega-projects and achievements in the industry.

'The awards are big wins for us and affirm the industry's recognition of the strides Empower has made in the industry,' said Ahmad Bin Shafar, CEO of Empower. 'We are now returning to Dubai with confidence knowing we are on the right track to becoming the largest district cooling service provider in the region by 2008.'

Bin Shafar lead a delegation including Samer Khoudeir, Director of Sales and Marketing; Ramadurai Ramesh, Director of Finance; Tariq Alyasi, Maintenance and Operations Manager; and, Moustapha Assayed, Senior Engineering Manager.
Attendees and participants at this year's event - 'District Energy: Today's Solution, Tomorrow's Advantage' - represented a large number of district energy companies from countries around the world such as USA, Denmark, Korea and countries in the Middle East, providing Empower and others an international audience to discuss the latest in new technology, trends and achievements in the industry.

In his presentation during the conference, Bin Shafar discussed some of Dubai's options and Empower's contribution in dealing with increasing energy needs, currently standing at 4,500 Mega Watts and projected to reach over 15,000 Mega Watts by 2012.

'Although the option of generating more power does exist, the other alternative is to encourage a culture of conservation which will have long-lasting benefits for all sectors of UAE society, not to mention the region at large,' said Bin Shafar. 'This culture figures prominently in Empower's work and strategy, reflected in our promise of delivering efficient energy both in terms of the cost to your pocket and to the environment.'

Although IDEA has been recognizing North American systems for their achievements for a number of years, this is just the second year IDEA has recognized systems outside North America. Empower's wins are more impressive considering the total square footage submitted by all three North American winners this year (gold, silver, bronze) is less than the square footage or as many buildings added as Empower does just on its own.

Empower was established on December 25, 2003, and is a joint venture between Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone (TECOM), providing energy-efficient services that are cost-effective and environmentally-friendly in Dubai and the region.

IDEA is a non-profit trade association which annually hosts a conference and trade show to platform the latest technologies and equipment in the district energy industry. These annual conferences give attendees - ranging from energy professionals, consultancies, government agencies and system developers - the opportunity to learn more about district cooling from a global perspective and meet with a variety of vendors and suppliers.

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