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Who should I contact for any billing related queries?

Are the tariffs subject to change?

  • Like any other utilities, Empower charges are linked to the cost of inputs and general inflation index and are subject to revision.

How do I save on my bill?

  • To save energy, you can control your consumption by optimizing the setting of your thermostat, reducing cooling losses through your windows, doors, etc. and make sure you turn off the cooling when not required.

What happens if there are issues related to my cooling services?

  • Should you have any problems related to cooling services, please contact your building facility management.

How am I billed for consumption charges?

  • You will be billed on actual basis, based on your metered consumption of cooling services.

How much Refrigeration Ton (RT)(Demand charge) am I paying for?

  • The RT of your unit is pre-determined by the Developer depending on your unit area and premise type.


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