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District Cooling

Benefits of District Cooling

Economies of scale due to the set up of centralized plants instead of individual cooling plants in each building.
Reduced capital and operating costs, reduced air-conditioning set-up for each building
Cost benefits from substantially lower electricity usage and reduced maintenance
Enhanced efficiency and reliability, space savings, flexibility of air-conditioning loads, considerably longer plant life.
Environmentally friendly; enables the use of alternative and cheaper fuels.


Eco-Efficient Energy

     50% reduction in power consumption

          Reduces power generation infrastructure

         Reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Lower life-cycle costs

     Reduces upfront capital investment

    Longer life cycle


     Around-the-clock availability

     Reliable  (“five nines – 99.999%”)

Added Value to Buildings

     DCS free up significant space in buildings

     Reduces vibration and noise problems

Easy to operate and maintain

     Outsourcing of cooling operations

     Developers to focus on their core business



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District Cooling

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