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Charges Explanation

The Empower Charges for Empower’s District Cooling Service is as follows:

1. Consumption Charge: 

Consumption Charge is billed based on district cooling usage recorded by the meter of the unit (set up at the premise), at a rate of AED 0.568 fils per RT per hour. It is billed in arrear based on the bill cycle.

2. Demand Charge:

This is a recurring annual charge, levied by for providing District Cooling Service to the Apartment/Unit, at the rate of AED 750 per Refrigeration Ton (RT) per annum, billed monthly in advance, based on the number of days in the month.


  • Yearly Demand Charge: 6 RT (The RT load of  the A/C of your unit) * 750 = 4500 AED per Year.
  • Monthly Demand Charge for the month of January: 4500/365*31 = 387.50

3. Fuel Surcharges:

Pursuant to recommendation of the Supreme Council of Energy in Dubai and with effect from 01.01.2011,  DEWA is authorized to increase the Tariff by 15% in each of existing slabs of electricity and water consumption. Accordingly all District cooling companies correspondingly ensure that they transfer to their customers the tariff increase and actual Fuel Surcharge as notified by DEWA from time to time.

4. Meter Maintenance:

This is charged quarterly at the rate of AED 50 for 3 Months or AED 30 per month as applicable subject to the location, to cover the expenses of reading, testing and maintenance of the meter installed at the unit.

5. Connection Charge:

This is a one-time charge of AED 2000 payable by the first owner of the unit at the time of registration with Empower.

6. Administration Charge:

This is a one-time charge of AED 1000 payable by the first owner of the unit at the time of registration with Empower.

7. Disconnection Fee:

In the event of service disconnection due to non-payment of bills, a “Disconnection Fee” shall be charged as mentioned below:

      •    Residential Units: AED 1000
      •    Retail Units: AED 2000

Reconnection shall be performed only on clearance of total outstanding including disconnection charges if any.

8. Meter Testing Fee:

In an instance where the account holder requests for a meter test and should the meter be found to be without any fault, a meter testing fee of AED 160 shall be charged. However if the meter is found to be faulty, no such charges will be levied.

9. Voluntary Disconnection Request:

If the account holder requests for temporary disconnection, the same shall be performed at a charge of AED 150 per instance. Request for disconnection shall be processed only on settlement of total outstanding, if any.  However, Demand Charges and Meter Maintenance Fee will be continued to be charged irrespective of the property is disconnected.

Note: For Consumption/Demand Charges calculation Annualy/Montly please visit Empower Charges Calculator.

Note: Each Charge/Service from the mentioned above is subjected for VAT of 5%


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